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Sending postal mail merge letters takes a lot of time and resources. With Pingen, you can simply submit your mail merge letters online and have them delivered as physical letters by Deutsche Post!

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How do I create a mail merge letter?
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How do I create a mail merge letter?

The most convenient and fastest way is via our free Mail-Merge-Letter-Generator. Simply upload the letter & your recipient list and have your mail merge letter created automatically. Alternatively, you can also create the mail merge letter in your preferred software solution. Find out the easiest way to accomplish this using our mail merge guides for Microsoft Word, Indesign, Apple Pages and Google Docs.

How do I send a mail merge letter by post?

With Pingen, sending a mail merge letter via postal mail can be done fully automatically. Whether directly via our Mail-Merge-Letter-Generator, from Microsoft Word or manually as a PDF via the Pingen WebApp. With Pingen mail merge letters are sent conveniently and with minimal effort. Your letters are professionally printed, packaged and delivered by post - globally.

The benefits of an online letter service

Send postal mail merge letters online

Send postal mail merge letters online

Save time & resources

Thanks to fully automated processes, Pingen send mail merge letters as postal mail in no time.

No minimum quantities

No minimum quantities

Pingen requires no minimum volumes and is suitable for letter mailings of all sizes.

Attractive volume discounts

Attractive volume discounts

Starting at 5000 letters per month, Pingen offers additional discounts and individual prices.

Global Coverage

Send mail merge letters as a PDF and have them delivered to postal mailboxes

Sending mail merge letters has never been easier! Simply submit your letters as PDFs and let Pingen take care of the printing and the worldwide delivery via Deutsche Post and DHL!

Flexible Integrations

Send mail merge letters directly from your workflow

With Pingen, mail merge letters can be sent flexibly via various methods and integrations. Mail merge letters are automatically split into individual letters by Pingen and processed as a batch. This way, you can conveniently manage and evaluate your mailing via the Pingen WebApp.

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Professional online post serviceProfessional high-quality printing
Automatic letter processing

Professional high-quality printing

To ensure your mail merge letters attract the attention you want, they’re automatically printed on high-quality paper in professional print facilities. Pingen offers printing in color or greyscale, either on one side (simplex) or on both sides (duplex). You can also easily control the delivery speed and costs by choosing different postal tariffs.

Send mail merge letters online

Follow the processing mail merge letter via real-time tracking

Using the batch feature in the Pingen WebApp, mail merge letters are managed in groups however each letter can still be tracked individually. Furthermore you see at a glance which letters are being processed, have already been sent or are undeliverable. Detailed statistics on address quality and the destination countries allow you to evaluate your mailing in detail.

Track mail merge letters online
Shipping Statistics
Shipping Statistics

Monitor and optimise your address quality

Pingen offers insightful statistics about the delivery quality of your mail merge letters. If a letter cannot be delivered to the recipient’s address, the letter is marked as undeliverable in the app and considered in the mailing quality statistics. This feature allows you to monitor your address quality and intervene if required.

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Send Mail Merge Letters online

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