Digital Returns Processing

Automatic Undeliverable Mail Handling

Undeliverable letters create extra work and costs. With Pingen's automatic returns processing, undeliverable letters are processed efficiently and digitally.

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Digital Returns ProcessingUndeliverable letters
Easy Returns Management

Manage undeliverable letters digitally, in one place

If a letter cannot be delivered to the specified address, the returned letter is automatically recorded and destroyed unopened. Pingen then receives all important information from Deutsche Post and informs you via email and Webhook about the reason for the return. In addition, detailed overviews and comprehensive statistics are available in the Pingen App for further analysis.

Shipping statistics
Returns Processing via Deutsche PostAutomatic forwarding via Deutsche Post
Automatic forwarding

Letter forwarding with PREMIUMADRESS

Pingen sends all letters to Germany automatically via Deutsche Post’s PREMIUMADRESS.

If a recipient has moved and submitted a forwarding order, letters are automatically redirected to the new address thanks to PREMIUMADRESS. Optionally, Pingen can be configured to automatically provide you with the new address for 1,25 €.

Helpful Shipping Statistics

Evaluate Shipping Quality and Reduce Costs

A high undeliverability rate creates unnecessary costs. Using the statistics on shipping quality and costs, you get an overview of your address quality in Pingen so you can optimise your address data if necessary. For a detailed analysis, the statistics can also be filtered for specific countries or time periods.

Helpful Shipping Statistics

Send letters without worrying about return mail

Experience how easy and convenient it is to handle letter-mailing via Pingen – with digital return-mail handling and no minimum quantities or contractual obligations.

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